True love of animal

2月 24, 2008 at 7:43 pm コメントをどうぞ

It was nice weather today!
I read roscives’s bolog about unfertilized egg.
After I read his blog, I rememberd the picture book
“And Tango Makes Three”
This picture book is a story about “True Love”. Please go to the link above and see the cover page. There are two adult penguins. They are male penguins. This is a real story at the central park in New york.
What I was impressed by this book is:
1. Animal, in this case penguin, has love as human has.
2. It is possible that male penguins fall in love as it happens in human society.
When I read this picture book, I thought their love is eternal one. About that point we may say that their love is more sophisticated and beautiful than ordinal human’s love. This is a picture book. But this may be good for adult or young people who is older than junior high school. I read this book for my son. He didn’t have any questions though.
If you have a chance, please see this picture book. I like cute pictures and story of this book.

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